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What’s a wheel accessory and why do I care?

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What is a Custom Wheel Accessory?

Let me jump right in and answer the easy part of the question that’s the subject of this week’s post and define what a custom wheel accessory or (as we call it on the site) accent is. In short, wheel accents are simply accessories that you add to your wheels, brakes or rims to upgrade or modify (since “upgrade really is such a subjective term) the look and feel of your vehicle’s wheels. And, although most of these modifications are primarily cosmetic in nature (in other words, they’re for looks only), some custom wheel accessories actually have a real function such as lug nuts which keep your tires on or wheel bands which protect your rims and tire walls from curb rash.

Caliper Covers Why Do I Care?

The second half of the question isn’t nearly as quick and simple for me to answer although the easy answer for most people is that they simply don’t care what a custom wheel accent is. Still, if you’re reading this I can pretty much count on the fact that you are a person who takes distinct pride in the way their vehicle performs and looks which is precisely why you SHOULD care about wheel trim. Whether you simply want to change the look of your ride or you actually want to protect the brakes or rims from damage wheel accessories offer you a sick variety of customizable options to do so. So, have I convinced you? If not, thanks for stopping by but if have made a case then take a look at what these products can do for you.


Ford Mustang Wheel Bands

Wheel Bands from Down Under?

For whatever reason I rarely think of New Zealand when I think about automotive accessories and innovations but it certainly seems that the Kiwis (what New Zealanders call themselves) have been hard at work making custom products for their cars and trucks. Wheel Bands by Rim Protec are just one of these innovations from down under and are both aesthetic and functional.

Wheel Bands are cool not solely because we sell them but because they are a novel way to customize your ride. Wheel Bands are a two part system which contains a track in either black or silver which applies to your vehicle’s rims using ultra-strong automotive trim tape (the 3M stuff with the red backing). The reason they offer black or silver is to allow you to go for a completely stealth look or to use the contrast to make the bands pop even more. But, wait, we haven’t even gotten to the coolest part: the second part of the system is the insert which you slide into the track and is available in over a dozen great colors.

Unlike other similar products on the market which simply stick to the rim you can remove and replace the bands wither to change up the look or (if you let someone drive your car and they scuffed up the bands) if you need to change them out due to damage. If you’re interested in learning more about Wheel Bands check them out on our site here.

Caliper Covers and Caliper Paint

Put the Brakes On: Caliper Covers

There is simply no question that your brakes are one of the most important systems in your vehicle so it goes without saying that you want them to be functioning well. And, yet, in the last five years or so we have seen a virtual explosion of cosmetic modifications for brake calipers, most of which take the lead from Brembo and other big brake bad boys. Like it or not, however, big brake kits can be a hassle to have installed and come with a price tag most of us simply can’t afford or don’t want to pay. As a result, a number of other options have flooded the market and we will quickly run through three of these here.

Brembo Knock-Offs

It’s no surprise that there are literally hundreds of companies who want to give you the look and feel of the heavy hitters in the industry but at a price most people can afford. Just look at how Android stole the iPhone’s glory and ran with it. ABS Caliper Covers do exactly what Google did to Apple by offering you the ability to get the big brake look at a fraction of the price. Still, don’t look for ABS Caliper Covers to do anything more than just look pretty because they won’t–if you’re actually looking for a product that blends form and function then you may want to take a look at MGP Caliper Covers.

Camaro with Yellow Caliper CoversCustom MGP Caliper Covers

MGP caliper covers represent a revolution in how enthusiasts stylize and customize their wheels and brake systems. Unlike ABS Caliper Covers these products actually shield the brakes from heat and dust as well as protecting them from oxidation due to the elements. These benefits make MGP’s covers truly functional but the fun doesn’t stop there.

Aside from actually protecting your brakes MGP makes these covers in a vaiety of colors and finishes to complement any theme you may have. In addition, they offer licensed logos and even custom engraving for a truly customized look. Check out the wide variety of offerings in our caliper cover section and let us know if you have any special requests.

So Much to Say, So Little Time

I realized just as I was finishing up the section on MGP that most of you probably didn’t siign up to read a novel so I want to wrap it up here and leave the possiblity of doing a follow up later. If I do I promise to go into a little more detail about other inexppensive and completely awesomes wheel mods such as rim wraps, caliper paints and custom lug nuts but that will hhave to wait. Until then, hit me up at michael@rvinyl.com (I promise to give anyone who reads this and sends me an email with “Wheel Accents” in the subject line a %15 off coupon on our site) if you need anything. Take care and have a good week!


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How to Make A Paint Protection Kit: An Insider’s Look at Precut PPF Kits


Precut Paint Protection Kits – How Do They Make Them?

Ever wonder how the big boys in the precut paint protection industry get all of the various designs into their databases? I mean if you browse Xpel‘s catalog there are literally hundreds of different patterns for all areas of any number of different vehicle. Most likely you have never given the subject much thought and even if you did you may have simply just taken your car into a shop to have Venture Shield installed for you but if you’re a PPF installer or even a brave enthusiast you may have wondered just how it’s done. Well, my friends, today’s your lucky day.


No Substitute for Hard Work and Skill

I used to think that many of the products we use every day were created by teams of robots with lasers and ultra-strong titanium arms. Unfortunately that’s simply not the case and, for the most part, here in the US most of the things we use are made by scores of underpaid, over-worked laborers hidden away from the peering eyes of Western media. But, I digress. In the case of PPF precut kits I can say with certainty that the people making the templates and digitizing them are highly skilled and better paid than anyone on the production floor of an iPhone factory.


Paint Protection – A True Art

Given the fact that today’s vehicle manufacturers are making bodies that are ever more aerodynamic and complicated it only stands to reason that anyone working with PPF films has got to a skilled artisan to say the least. As the expose on TintDude.com shows, there is no small amount of work that goes into preparing a template to be digitized (not to mention the skills eeded to convert a physical template into a digitally reproducible file). I don’t want to give it all away so check out the link below and the next time you’re considering ordering a precut Rshield hood or bumper protection kit think of the work that went into bringing it to you:


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Alpine A110 1600S at Amelia Island


Thanks again Nick! You guys do great work!

Originally posted on Mind over Motor:

Renault Alpine at Amelia Island

This is an Alpine A110 1600S, often referred to as the “Renault Alpine,” though Renault did not actually own Alpine until 1978. The Alpine A110 was produced from 1961 to 1977, and saw major rally success in the early 1970s. In fact, the Alpine A110 holds the honor as the first World Rally Champion, winning the inaugural WRC season in 1973.

The “Renault Alpine” designation comes from the fact that Alpine used Renault engines in the A110. The top-spec 1600S model you see here had a 1.6L inline-four producing 138hp. That may not sound like a lot, but at just around 1,600lbs the A110 1600S was capable of doing 130mph. Keep in mind, this is a rally car, not a supercar, and 130mph is a lot of speed on a winding rally stage.

We caught this classic french rally car at the cars and coffee event held during the Amelia…

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What to Call Ourselves?

What Do We Call Ourselves?

I recently put a call out on Facebook, Twitter and a number of automotive forums asking what people who like to modify and customize their rides should be called. Despite having been in the industry for over a decade I realized that I couldn’t think of one, single term that aptly described everyone, amateurs and professionals alike, that covered all of us.  It was an honest question and it seemed to garner a lot of great responses. So, what are the top three names we use to describe ourselves?

1. Enthusiasts

The most frequent answer I got to my query was “enthusiasts.” It’s a broad term so it may be hard to find precisely what you’re looking for if you just type it into Google but if you add “car” or “aftermarket” or whatever to it you’re sure to find a bunch of great resources. I know that I have looked for years trying to find good forums and Facebook groups to join to stay at the top pf my game and learn about the best new products so just knowing what to call people who are interested in the same stuff I am is a huge help.

2. Modders

Although this was the second most popular response I received I have to admit that may not be the best choice for describing car people like ourselves simply due to the fact that it seems to have been co-opted by people who like to hack and build their PCs from the ground up or who like to mess with the software of gaming systems.

3. Tuners

Whether you love it or hate the term “tuner” seems like its here to stay. Although this is primarily used to describe people who modify imports, the term is widely known due to the popularity of the Fast and Furious franchise and shows like Pimp My Ride.

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