Blackout Headlight Protection Kit on a Mercedes

Blackout Headlight Protection Kit on a Mercedes

In this somewhat long install video, a DIY installer shows how to apply a pre-cut blackout headlight kit (of the protection variety) onto a custom Mercedes-Benz. Like the look? Well be sure to use code SmokedHeadlights to pick up a precut kit or wrap and get 15% and free shipping. But, of course, you have to hurry because this sale ends the 28th!

Blackout Headlight Tint Wrap Blackout Headlight Tint Wrap

Mercedes-Benz Headlight Tint Mercedes-Benz Headlight Tint Mercedes-Benz Headlight Tint Mercedes-Benz Headlight Tint Mercedes-Benz Headlight Tint

Installation: 2003 Ford Explorer Precut Window Tint


Rebate Photos of Precut Window Tint Kit on an Escape in 20% VLT

Funny, now that it’s ridiculously cold we start to get a barrage of customer photo rebate submissions again. I guess everyone was trying to enjoy the last bits of warm weather before it turn glacial for good and, now that it has, people are catching up on things like $20 rebate photo submissions. Well, I’m glad they are because I love seeing what our customers do with our products.


Today’s submission is a great example of DIY enthusiast window tint work (unless I’m mistaken and our customer is in the business). Our pre-cut window tint kits are a great way to help amateurs get the tint they want at a great price but I would be lying if I said it was easy: it’s not. Still, for those intrepid customers out there who want to try their hand a tinting and save hundred in the process, Rtint window tints are the way to go.


Interested in our $20 phoo rebate? It’s a great program designed to reward you for your hard work while getting pictures of our actual products installed. It’s a win-win. Want to learn more? Check out the link here: Stay warm out there!


World Parallel Parking Record Broken

Chinese Driver Breaks World Parallel Parking Record

In a feat that is the envy of any NYC driver, Chinese driver Han Yue has set a new record for the tightest parallel parking job in the world.

Parallel Parking Record _20141121072303 _20141121072304

Smoked Headlight Sale | 15% Off and Free Shipping



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Spray vs. Lay: Headlight & Taillight Tinting

Spray On Versus Lay On

It is a controversy as old as the concept of tinting headlights and taillights itself: should you spray on your tint or lay it on? Obviously, we at Rvinyl have come squarely down on the side of smoked vinyl films for well over a decade but, as we have grown, we have come to realize that maybe, just maybe we don’t have all the answers. As a result, look for us to start carrying VHT Nightshade in the next few weeks. But, as the videos below will show, spray on tinting is not nearly as easy as one would hope.

Spray Tinted Kia Optima Taillights

Spray Tint: High-Risk But High-Return

If you go with spray tint you need to know, right off the bat, that you are taking on a task that can lead to ruining your stock headlights or taillights if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, in the right hands, spray or paint on tint can change the look of your lights in a way that lay on applications often cannot. This is especially true on lights that have multiple axes (think of the Nissan Juke taillight for example) where precut, vinyl taillight tints must be designed to be applied sectionally.

So, if you’re someone with a load of extra cash, an owner of a commuter car and a show car or simply in the business yourself, then spray tinting may just be the way to go. However, for most DIYers and enthusiasts we still recommend vinyl smoked tint for headlight and taillight tinting simply because it is easier to do well and does not present the same type of problems one can expect from spray tinting.

But, just what are the cons of VHT and similar products like Rustoleum? In short they can be listed as follows:

  1. They present the very real possibility that you will ruin your OEM lights which could cost hundreds or thousands to replace.
  2. Once tinted you cannot untint them. So, if you get a summons or sprayed on too much you’ll need to buy a new pair of lights.

In the end, it really is up to you which is why we have decided to start offering these products along side our taillight tints and smoked headlight kits although we not-so-seecretly consider them to be best used by the pro or experienced installer. Look for them soon at or hit me up for more details. Until them, stay warm out there!

Blue Smoked Headlight Tint Wrap Installation

Blue Smoke Headlight Tint Wrap Installation

Rtint blue smoke headlight tint is one of our most popular products but it’s kind of a misnomer because it can be used equally for head, tail or fog lights and there’s nothing “smoke” about it. But, beyond all that, the film is great looking and an affordable way to give your headlights an HID or ultra-custom look. In fact, I was just on the phone with a customer yesterday who mentioned that the dealership wanted to charge him $3K to have xenon headlights installed on his BMW 740il when he could get the same look using blue headlight tint for a fraction of the cost.


So what to expect with Rtint blue smoke film? Well, it is a three ply film when you receive it which means it comes with a lower, clear liner which protects the adhesive, an upper clear liner which protects the glossy finish of the tint and the tint itself which is a 3mil, self-adhesive and optically clear film. A lot of people confuse the mil with mm but it is a different unit of measure altogether and means that the film is three thousandth (try to say “thousandth” three times fast) of an inch in thickness which makes Rtint different from other so-called protective films which tend to be 12mil thick and are hard to work with.


Worried that the tint will be too dark? The VLT is 30% and, as you can see in the video, it’s not going to cause serious degradation of light so no worries there. Still, always check with local law enforcement regarding the legality of headlight tint before use on public roads.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Loses Carbon Fiber Trunk During Race

Eclipse Loses Carbon Fiber Hood During Race

Eclipse Loses Carbon Fiber Trunk During Race

If ever there were a case for going with carbon fiber hood wraps over a replacement hood (and we sell both so I’m not really partial), I think this is it here. Not sure what the issue is but I think my boy in the Mitsu is out at least a cool 5 spot…Live and learn my friends. Check out the video: