Static Cling Windshield Visor Strips – What Are They?

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Learn to apply and install pre-cut #WindowTint #WindshieldVisors or #WindshieldStrips on your car, truck or SUV.  #Rtint #StaticCling #WindowFilm can be removed and re-applied anytime! Because this tint has no adhesive it is a perfect mod for those who want to block out the sun on long road trips or just look hot when drifting! Can be applied to the inside or outside, comes precut and ready to apply!

Tint a Whole Car in Under Two Minutes?

A lot of people say it can’t be done. The pros say it shouldn’t be done. We just want to share with you how it’s done and hear what you have to say. Check out this video that shows a pro installing window tint on all the windows of a car in under two minutes flat. Pretty amazing feat but then there’s the question of quality. So, what do you think?

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#RacingFriday: Hoopty Lemon Racing

#24HoursofLemons #RealHoopties

Never thought #Racing #Hoopties could be so exciting did you? Check out Rust in The Wind #Saab #300zx chase the race winning Silver Errors #281 #Mercedes for a lap at the 2013 #24HoursofLemons #RealHoopties of New Jersey at NJMP. Check it out:


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Carbon Creations Custom Carbon Fiber Hood

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#Custom #CarbonFiber Hoods by #CarbonCreations offer the discerning enthusiast the best of both worlds by giving them the look they want and delivering the light-weight performance they need. #CarbonFiberHoods by #ExtremeDimensions provide incredible strength, up to 20% weight reduction and a tight, OEM fit that you just can’t find elsewhere. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today but first check out the video:

DuraFlex Durability Testing: You’ve Got to See It to Believe It

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We skipped a few days there but we think you’ll forgive us when you see the video that is the subject of today’s post. Anyone with any familiarity with #aftermarket #bodykits knows that most of them can be pretty fragile or brittle and have a tendency to crack upon even the slightest impact. I mean, who hasn’t seen an otherwise hot looking #Acura or #Honda with a chipped front bumper or Bond-O’ed side skirt?

But, as you’ll see in the video, #DuraFlex uses specially formulated materials that give their bumpers and body kits extreme flexibility and strength without compromising in style. Check it out and, as always, comments are appreciated!

#SundayCarHumor: Towing Crash Fails

Who doesn’t love watching things go wrong? Enjoy this #SundayCarHumor #VideoCompilation of #EpicFails brought to you by both pro towing companies and amateurs.