2005-2009 Ford Mustang Customer Dash Kit Photo Rebate

2005 Ford Mustang Diamond Plate Dash Kit Driver Side View
The 2005 through 2009 Ford Mustang dash kit is probably one of our best selling custom dash kits due not only to the fact that it has the most pieces of any kit on the market but also because the Mustang is the best-selling American sports car of all time. The photos shown in this video are taken from a customer rebate submission and show case our mirror chrome diamond plate film. Even if you’re not a fan of flashy you have to admit the kit looks great installed.

Want to see more? Check out the rebate submission pics below and don’t forget to watch the video. If you like what you se you can pick up your own pre-cut dash kit here: http://www.rvinyl.com/Dash-Kits.html

2005 Ford Mustang Diamond Plate Dash Kit Full Dash View 2005 Ford Mustang Diamond Plate Dash Kit Driver Side View 2005 Ford Mustang Diamond Plate Dash Kit Driver SIde Door Handle and COntrols 2005 Ford Mustang Diamond Plate Dash Kit Steering Wheel Accents 2005 Ford Mustang Diamond Plate Dash Kit Light Dimmer Trim 2005 Ford Mustang Diamond Plate Dash Kit Center Console Trim 2005 Ford Mustang Diamond Plate Dash Kit Glove Box Trim

And, last, but not least the video:

30% Off Back-to-School Blowout Sale

BackToSchool Sale Blowout Discount

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Fineline Graphics Time-Lapse Veloster Wrap


The guys at Fineline Graphics have really outdone themselves with this job and have made a truly professional looking video to boot. In the vid, a Hyundai Veloster Turbo gets transformed by from a factory Gloss Black to Matte Pine Metallic Green, using a full vinyl wrap. Let’s help these guys get to 2K views on the video and, if you’re in COlorado and lookig to customize your ride, check them out.

Supremely Modified Genesis Coupe Turbo


Check out this one of a kind Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 Turbo from Team Sunworks. This vehicle has been carefully upgraded from top to bottom with everything from intake, exhaust, engine tuning, dress-up, Bride seats, roll cage, wheels and a totally badass vehicle wrap. This stunning Coupe deserved best KDM at HIN 2013 if you ask me! Personlly, my favorite thing about the project is the complete digital camo wrap.

So, what do you think? I know a lot of people have issues with the wheels and I know there are just a world full of Hyundai haters out there anyway but I think they did an awesome job. Yea or nay folks?

#RacingFriday: Drag Racing Dodge Ram HEMI Demolishes Corvette

#RacingFriday-Dodge Ram Demolishes Corvette

Chevy just can’t get a break. Earlier this week we brought you a video showing a Chevy pickup getting humiliated by a Ram truck as it was dragged all over creation during a parking lot tug-of-war. But, sadly for GM & Chevrolet, the humiliation shows no signs of stopping as we see in today’s #RacingFriday video that pits a 20112 Dodge Ram HEMI against a Chevy Corvette.

I think if you asked anyone who would win in a drag race between a pick up ad a Corvette they would have to say the latter but see for yourself just what happens. I think I may be getting a Ram after all of this week’s videos although parking is going to be a problem in Manhattan…Have a good weekend everyone!

July Month End Blowout

July Month End Blowout

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Alright, we admit it: we’ve become Dodge truck tug-o-war fanboys over the last week but today’s video is probably the best we’ve seen yet. Yes, what these guys are doing is incredibly redneck and, yes, it is really bad for the environment. Oh, an, yes, they are ruining perfectly good white snow along with their tires but it is so cool to watch that we forgive them on all counts. We’ve taken only the first match and presented it to you here but there is a second tug-o-war with a GMC pickup later in their original video that you can find on YouTube.

yesterday’s response was incredible so please be sure to let us know if you like this follow up video and what you’d like to see next. Have a good one!