Need New Tires? This Ram SRT-10 Does…

#Dodge #RAM #SRT10 #Burnout #Donuts

Dodge AKA Ram trucks are mean looking machines and there’s no question that they are just as powerful as they look. And yet, people feel compelled to do things like burn the rubber off a set of four otherwise well-functioning tires and possibly damage the truck as a whole. Why? Not sure but luckily for us people are always willing to destroy their expensive trucks on camera so we can waste a few minutes of each day.

Dodge Ram VS Toyota Tundra: Tug-O-War

#Dodge #Ram #VS #Toyota #Tundra #TugOWar

Today we bring you a clip from a video that has generated a lot of friction featuring a Dodge Ram which was 2 weeks off the lot and a Toyota Tundra that was less than 24 hours old. So, how did they fare? Well, there wouldn’t be too much controversy if it the home team slammed it out of the park, would there? This is only the first heat but you can see the entire thing here. Also, be sure to subscribe and let us know what you think. Happy Monday!

#RacingFriday: Cadillac CTS-V vs Dodge Challenger RT

#RacingFriday: #Cadillac #CTS-V vs #Dodge #Challenger RT

We’ve all seen the videos of the Challenger Hellcat destroying the competition. Whether it’s an Audi A4, a Chevy Corvette or a Mercedes E-Class the Challenger has taken on some bad boys and swiftly dealt with them. But, in this week’s #RacingFriday video the Challenger gets served by a Cadillac CTS-V in a drag race. Now, I’m not in the know enough to tell you why but from the original video’s comments I hear that most people seem to think it has to do with the fact that the Dodge is an RT, not an SRT8. Others that it had to do with the elevation (?!) so I’m not really sure if this is an expected outcome. Either way, it’s fun to watch. Happy Friday everyone!

Team Dynamic’s Cadillac CTS-VR Drift


Just when I thought that Cadillac couldn’t get any more staid or boring I came across this cool video montage of Team Dynamic’s Cadillac drifting team. I mean, there is actually a whole team of racers and pro drifters who drive only Caddies and I have to admit that it looks pretty cool! Check out the montage and then visit TrinityTEK Racing because I think they actually host a racing school (correct me if I’m wrong). How awesome is that?

Lucky Escape Car Crash Cadillac Smashes into parked Ford Flex


I hate to say it but this is probably the fastest you’re going to see a Cadillac going all day long. Strangely, Cadillac seems to be fighting an image problem and is yet considered to be your grandfather’s car here in the States and gets even less respect worldwide (unless you’re talking about the baller and mafioso fave known as the Escalade). Not too sure the age of the Caddie driver in the video but he (or she) demolishes the Ford Flex which is harmlessly parked in the ot above. Luckily for the three guys who just exited the vehicle, the driver of the doomed Cadillac waited for them to get clear of the Flex before sending it back to the scrap yard. Talk about guardian angels!

Rtint 2012 Cadillac CTS Taillight Tint

2008 - 2012 Cadillac CTS Taillight Tints

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured one of our own customer installation compilation videos and for good reason: a lot of you just don’t like shameless self-promotion. Still, I think we can be forgiven for throwing one out of fifty in the mix, can’t we? Also, what better way to remind you that we always offer $20 rebate refunds or credits on customer installation photos Yep, that’s right, just send in 4 to 6 high quality (i.e., not in your mom’s dirty garage) photos of your installed Rvinyl product and get up to $20 back for it. So, let us know what you think about the video by checking out the CTS compilation on You Tube or here annd have a great Tuesday!

360 Wraps Chrome Car Wrap Cadillac CTS Coupe

360 Wraps Chrome Wrapped Cadillac CTS Coupe #ChromeWrap #Cadillac #CTS

This week we’re all about Caddies and what better way to start than with a video of a custom chrome wrap installation from 360 Wraps? For those who want to know, the Cadillac in the video belongs to 360 Wraps sales manager Felecia Martinez and has, not surprisingly, been quite the head turner since it was wrapped.

360 Wraps is excited to finally be able to offer chrome wraps and their team of pro installers and designers pulled off this stunning wrap in just 2 days and produced the first ever printed on chrome wrap. Keep checking back and see what we come up with next. If you are interested in getting your vehicle wrapped in chrome and are located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, give them a call 214-432-9029.