Scary Saturday Night Street Racing Deals

Scary Saturday Night Street Racing

Check out the Backfire from the #Mustang and enjoy a Scary 15% Off when you buy now and use code SCARY at

Scary Sale – Get 15% Off Sitewide Until Halloween

Rviny Scary Sale - 15% Off Until Halloween

Since it’s a Thursday it’s time for our de facto weekly deal although you may like this one a little more simply since you’ll have more time to use it. We’re extending this sale all the way to October 31st to give you ample time to save up for the part or accessory you’ve been wanting to purchase but were waiting for a sale. Opportunities like this just don’t come around every day so take advantage of it!

In the spirit of Halloween we tried to find some of the scariest looking rides we could imagine and came up with a few which we’ll share below. Oh, and don’t forget, that if you’ve got a scary ride that you’ve installed on of our products in you could be eligible to receive a credit or rebate of up to $20 if you send us high quality photos of the install!

ScarySale2014 ScarySale2014v2 ScarySale2014v4

Gymkhana Drifting Truck

What’s a Drift Truck?

Ever seen a truck drift before? I know I hadn’t even thought of it but once I saw this video I knew I should have. Also, I wasn’t aware that the Dutch were even into drifting but this Gymkhana video from the Becx-TDS Racing team with their 1100hp tuned MAN Drifting Truck proves me wrong yet again.

Drift Truck Drifting Truck

The craziest part of all of this is that the entire thing takes place in a container yard which is right on the water (watch for the guys rowing past at one point).You think this will intimidate Ken Block!? Drift trucks may be the wave of the future (or not) but it’s certainly fun to watch!

Mercedes-Benz | Car Porn at Its Best

From time to time we like to freshen up both our inventory and our collection of car porn (excuse the term but it just means images of beautiful cars). Be on the lookout to see the photos from the gallery above throughout our site and, if you are an active Pinterest member, let us know by sending an email to and we’ll add you to our Mercedes-Benz board.

Will He Make It? Bobby Tanner’s Extreme Rock Climbing Buggy

Rock Climbing in a Screaming Blue Bugg

Bobby Tanner just couldn’t get enough of rock crawling so he took his Coleworx Screaming Blue Bugg and decided to challenge it to out an almost completely vertical rock wall. It gets pretty hairy for a minute or two as his wet tires (yes, he decided to throw in a water hazard just for fun) slip and threaten to throw him t the ground twenty feet below.

Bobby Tanner Rock Climbing

This video has it all: suspense, thrills, rip-roaring engines and one man’s determination. Watch it once and then watch it again!

Some People Have No Business in a Ferrari

When Your Ferrari Test Drive Goes Wrong

Some people have no business behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Period. And, as this video shows, this guy is one of them. And, if this wasn’t exciting enough, check out the guy below as he tests a Ferrari on he track with equally bad results.

What We’re Pinning – Pinterest Tuesdays

Pinterest Tuesdays

You may not know it but we try to be a pretty active member of Pinterest. We collect and find the best, most interesting and coolest automotive images we can find and categorize them just for fun. Today’s selection of pis is just a smattering of what we’ve been up to and were selected simply because other Pinners found them interesting. Interested in joining one of our group boards? If so, let us know and we’ll add you!