Formula Drift Long Beach Compilation

Formula Drift Long Beach

If you like drifting you’ll love this. Watch these pros with sick skills drift on the track for Media Day in Long Beach. TRD, Nissan GTR and much more. If you like the smell of burning rubber and the roar of engines this is where it’s at.


Classic Lamborghini Countach Ride-Along Video

The Countach Ride-Along of Your Dreams

The Lamborghini Countach is the stuff dreams are made of. It defined exotic supercars for an entire generation and still performs like a dream. I stumbled across this video today and couldn’t resist posting it. Sure, it is about as close as I’ll ever get to driving a Countach but if that’s the best I can get I’ll take it. So, if you’ve got love for the Lamborghini Countach 5000S then you’ll enjoy the video.

Aventador versus Countach

Aventador versus the Countach

Sure, it’s not an even match up but you want Lamborghini to put out successively better cars, right? Anyway, here’s another video for Lambo lovers:

First Person Tandem Drifting POV Video

Drifting - First Person POV

An Obsession with Drifting

I know, I now: How many more drifting videos can one person post? Unfortunately I think drift has become my latest obsession and when I saw this video I knew I had to post it. Whereas we normally get the wide angle shots of drifting this one is unique because it is taken from the first person POV. Really, what’s cooler than tandem drift?

The skill that both the drivers exhibit is amazing as the BMW comes within a hair’s width of colliding with the camera car but all while having complete control of the situation. The animated GIF is cool but you’ll really want to watch the whole video.

Drifting Sunday | Drift Mechaniks 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

Drifting in the ATL

The video above is a pretty awesome compilation of the Drift Mechaniks and was made in honor of their tenth anniversary with a private event at Atlanta Motor Speedway! The event, shown above, was every enthusiast’s dream with dozens of amazingly tuned imports, lots of drifting and performance driving by pros with crazy skills. Oh, and the cars are nothing less than automotive eye candy. So, sit back and enjoy the video and then check out their forum here.



Formula Drift Texas – Pro Drifting on the Track

Formula Drift Texas

In its 11th year, Formula Drift Texas combines the best of professional performance driving with the latest innovations in racing technology. If you don’t believe me just check out the video above and the photo/infographic below which breaks down the anatomy of a true drift car.

I’ve linked to their site below so if you like what you see check them out and tell them Rvinyl sent you.

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Ford Raptor Jumps 90 ft. and Implodes

Despite making an impressive jump it’s obvious that this originally cherry Ford Raptor just couldn’t handle the physics of a ninety foot jump. Watch her as she goes up and then lands hard. Looks like she may have busted an axle and those airbags are surely goners. Luckily the driver was okay but e will have some explaining to do.