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Watch a Turbo 300z Duel a Stick Shift Mustang on the Street

AWD Turbo Talon vs Nitrous LS Camaro vs 300zx

Dueling Street Racers

Honestly, even if there was only sound on this video it would be worth it to hear the revving of the engines and the wind blow past. These are some finely tuned street racers and although we only included a portion of the video here as a teaser the full length version is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i_8sy72tCc

This is one of those cases where words just don’t do justice but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how the sleeper Mustang fares against a turbo-charged 300zx. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Drift, Shred, Crash, Repeat | Matt Coffman in Irwindale

Matt Coffman Crash

Drift, Shred, Crash, Repeat | Matt Coffman in Irwindale

Matt Coffman is one of the most renowned drift pros in the circuit and his recent “crash” in Irwindale, CA only proved to reaffirm his mastery and performance driving prowess. Watch him drift, crash, shred and pull out to repeat in this quick and dirty video.

Monster Truck Freestyle Performance Driving


Monster Truck Madness

I’ll be the first to admit that monster trucks haven’t always appealed to me. But, after watching this video and hearing the low, throaty roar of the engines of these beasts I think I may just be a convert after all. The video is a little longer than I expected it to be but it really takes more than a minute to showcase these Mopar monsters (I think there may be a Chevy in there but I can’t tell). Let me know what you think and enjoy!

Watch a MINI Evade a Poorly Devised Road Block

Mini Evades Roadblock

Mini Cooper S Roadblock Fail

We love Minis and think they’re great cars but in this case the drive of the Mini Cooper S evaded capture simply due to the stupidity of the Aussie police and not the performance of his ride or his driving skills.

Have You Ever Seen A Rolling Burnout?

Rolling Burnout


Ever Seen A Burnout in Motion?

This is a first for us but, thanks to the guys at Driftworks, we can die now and say that we have seen that rarest of things: a rolling burnout. And, not only have we seen it but we heard it as well. Turn up the volume as high as it can go and listen to the angry roar of this monster’s engine.

LaFerrari Drifts & Burns Rubber on the Track

Drifting Ferrari LaFerrari

LaFerrari Shows No Respect for Its Tires and Shreds Them on The Track

Didn’t think that Ferrari could drift? Well, frankly, neither did I. But, as this quick 13 second video show Ferrari’s LaFerrari knows a thing or two about drifting. Still, I think she’s a bit too much of a prima donna to drift as well as an Evo. Anyway, check out the video below for a little bit of adrenaline to help get your weekend started.