Camo Wraps and a Mossy Oak Jeep Wrap Video

Mossy Oak Full Jeep Wrap with Shadow Grass Blades Vinyl

Okay, before anyone gets upset or excited we don’t (yet) carry this film but we thought the video was so cool that we wanted to post it for you guys to see. We do carry a bunch of other camo wrap films though so, if anything, the way they wrap the Jeep in the video should give you ideas about what you can do with camo vinyl.

So, what  patterns can you get with Rwraps camouflage? We’re excited to finally be able to offer you guys eight diffferent styles of camo from great, ultra-realistic patterns like the swamp style below:


To military style 8-bit, digital camo patterns:


In addition to these we have an arctic blue style, Army green, desert, marshland, tree and gray styles to match any environment or color scheme. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a wrap starting at $7.99 and see what camouflage Rwraps can do for you…

Car Towing Fail Compilation

Car towing is, ideally, meant to be the least funny thing that can happen to a car, truck or SUV. Unfortunately for the vehicle owners and tow truck operators in the video above this is quite how it worked out in the end. I hope you guys enjoy today’s #SundayCarHumor installment and look for more posts shortly. Happy Sunday!

Top Five Drifting Fail Compilation

Check out the top five drift fails of 2014. Really, don’t try it if you don’t know what you’re doing…

The Perfect Last Minute Gift

Need the Perfect #LastMinuteGift? #Rvinyl has it and you can pick it up now for 20% off! Get an #ElectronicGiftCertifcate emailed to you in denominations of $25, $50, $75 or $100 for use at from now until #Christmas !

Need the Perfect #LastMinuteGift? #Rvinyl has it and you can pick it up now for 20% off! Get an #ElectronicGiftCertifcate emailed to you in denominations of $25, $50, $75 or $100 for use at from now until #Christmas! The discount is applied automatically so hurry up and get your friends, relatives and coworkers one gift that they’re sure to put to good use.


2015 C7 Corvette Stingray Z06 Quarter Mile Run

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Racing Friday | 2015 Corvette Quarter Mile Run

Words kind of fail to describe how cool this brand new 2015 Corvette C7 Z06 is on its first quarter mile run. Check out the video to see it complete a sweet little burnout and then haul @ss down the track.

With a pretty sound time of 11.7 seconds at 120.5 mph, he seems to have missed the stated time of 11.2 seconds with the manual and an unbelievable time 10.95 seconds with the new 8-speed auto shifter. Still, it’s fun to watch.

2013 Scion FR-S – MGP Caliper Covers Installation

#Scion #FRS #MGPCaliperCovers #CaliperCover

A Little Bit about MGP

As anyone who has been reading this blog knows, we love MGP Caliper Covers here at Rvinyl. Engineered and manufactured right here in the USA with standards that are second to none, MGP Caliper Covers really are a unique product that combine the best of form and function. According to their site “There is a vast amount of technology and engineering behind each and every component. MGP utilizes aerospace grade aluminum, stainless steel, CNC machining, hydraulic forming and TIG welding.” Sounds high tech doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. BUt in addition to the exacting standards that MGP has for its products it also puts them through a rigorous testing process in order to ensure durability and, above all else, safety.

Installing MGP Caliper Covers on the Scion FR-S

Today’s post isn’t really a vague plug for MGP though, instead it’s centered on one of my favorite rides: the Scion FR-S. Take a look at the video below and see how the red caliper covers make the wheel pop.

#Scion #FRS #MGPCaliperCovers #CaliperCover #Scion #FRS #MGPCaliperCovers #CaliperCover #Scion #FRS #MGPCaliperCovers #CaliperCover

Caliper Paints: VHT, Dupli-Color & G2

VHT: Very High Temperature Caliper Paints

Caliper painting is a great addition and/or alternative to using ABS or MGP Caliper Covers to add style and personality to your brake calipers. VHT caliper paints (which unsurprisingly stands for very high temperature) is, as you probably know, formulated to withstand incredibly high temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it perfect for your brakes and calipers. So, not only can you get the look you’ve been dreaming of but it will actually protect all of the components you spray from oxidation.

At Rvinyl we currently carry a full selection of their colors but I am most excited about their cast aluminum ever since MGP discontinued their silver caliper covers. As you can see in the video above, application is relatively easy and all you really need to know how to do is remove your tire to get at the caliper.

Dupli-Color: Tried and True

I think almost anyone, even if they’re not an enthusiast, will recognize the name Dupli-Color. Known for dependability and quality the Dupli-Color Caliper Paint Kits we carry offer the same ease of installation as the VHT sprays but are a complete solution in a box. Available in five great colors (yes, they have silver too!) these kits come to you complete with caliper cleaner, high temperature paint, an application stirrer, brush and masking tape. Check out the easy to follow video below and you’ll see just how easy it is to get the results you want:

G2 Brake Caliper Paint System Set

G2: The New Kid On the Block

At Rvinyl, we’re always looking for new products to solve your custom vehicle modification needs. G2 is the latest addition to our caliper customization lines and will be available soon on our site. The most exciting thing about the G2 selection of caliper paints is that they not only ofer a ridiculous amount of colors but they also have a color match kit which lets you paint your calipers to match your car or truck’s paint. How freaking cool is that? Look for it in the next month or so on the site (I promise I’ll let you guys know when it’s lve though).