48 Hour Flash Sale

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Spring is in full swing and we know many of you will be working on your cars, trucks and SUVs now that it’s finally nice enough to do it.

So, for the next 48 hours only, we’re holding a flash sale for everyone on our mailing list where you can take 30% off all eligible products on our entire site.

Just use code 48HRS and you’ll get 30% off your order at www.Rvinyl.com

#SundayCarHumor: An American in Thailand

This Is #HowNotToDrive In Thailand

Ahhh Thailand! Land of exotic beauty, a thousand golden Buddhas and fun in the sun. Unfortunately for this American driver (and, no we won’t tell you the gender) it seems like Thailand’s tradition of driving on the right side of the road caused more than a few problems for her/him as well as the thirteen other cars they took out in the process.

According to news reports, this 29-year-old American girl was captured on camera driving her Toyota like an absolute maniac in the Thai seaside town of Pattaya, leaving 13 vehicles wrecked and causing the police to shoot out her car’s tires. According to Coconuts Bangkok, the crazy blonde started her vehicular assault by clipping a motorbike after driving the wrong way down a road. As you’ll see in the video, she then continued driving against the traffic, colliding with 12 vehicles and a bus in the process.

#RacingFriday: Hellcat Demolishes GT-R

#Nissan #GTR ##Dodge #Challenger #Hellcat

It’s #RacingFriday again and we’ve got another video of the Hellcat destroying a supercar. When will it ever end? What makes this worse is the fact  the GT-R is tuned to the hilt and the Hellcat is straight stock.

What’s the deal with all these super cars getting rolled up by a Dodge Challenger Hellcat? What do the Nissan GTTR guys have to say about this? $100k for a Nissan GTR to get beat by a huge boat of a car?

As you can see, at the end of the video the police put an end to the party but these guys don’t seem to mind too much…

350Z Drift Fail Compilation

#Nissan #Drift #Fail #Crash #VideoCompilation #350Z

| Not sure what the deal is with the plethora of drifting fail and crash videos showcasing the Nissan 350z but there sure are a lot of them out there. Maybe it’s because the 350Z is such a beautiful car to look at, maybe it’s because it’s fun to drive or maybe it’ s a question of economics but it sure seems that people love to destroy their Zs!

Wrapped Chrome Green GT-R

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There are few things in life (at least in the life of an enthusiast) as nice as a late model GT-R. And what could be better than a 2015 GT-R wrapped  in shiny, green chrome? There are a few different shades of green chrome making the rounds but to me this emerald green hue is my absolute favorite, hands down.

Even if you don’t have a GT-R you can still get this look with our easy to apply, Rwrap green chrome. It is a DIY friendly film specifically designed to ease installation with its air release technology. So, if you’re interested check it our here (http://www.rvinyl.com/Chrome-Vinyl-Film-Wraps.htm/!/Green-Chrome-Vinyl-Film-Wraps.html) and mention this blog post on chat or the phone (if anyone still calls in orders anymore) for a sweet discount on your order.

Nissan GT-R V Cummins Diesel

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When I saw this video I thought “Well, that’s not a big surprise now is it?” Still, maybe I’m wrong and I think if you gave the Cummins a little more track it could have begun to take the lead (maybe).

If there are any gear heads out there who can think of a reason why we should be surprised that the GT-R took out the diesel so easily I’d love to hear it. Either way, here’s the video:



#SundayCarHumor: Engine Removal Like A Boss

#SundayCarHumor #CarLaughs #Fail #CarFail #EpicFail #LikeABoss

Need to swap out your engine in a hurry? Want to put an end to that check engine light once and for all? The guys in this video have a sure fire to solve all of your engine problems. Watch how theses shade tree mechanics destroy their car in under 30 seconds.