LaFerrari Drifts & Burns Rubber on the Track

Drifting Ferrari LaFerrari

LaFerrari Shows No Respect for Its Tires and Shreds Them on The Track

Didn’t think that Ferrari could drift? Well, frankly, neither did I. But, as this quick 13 second video show Ferrari’s LaFerrari knows a thing or two about drifting. Still, I think she’s a bit too much of a prima donna to drift as well as an Evo. Anyway, check out the video below for a little bit of adrenaline to help get your weekend started.

Chevy Dually versus Big Rig Tug of War

Chevy Dually versus Big Rig Tug of War

When I first saw the title of this video this morning I just couldn’t believe. I mean, seriously, who would believe that a Chevy, despite it being a Dually, would be able to over power a rig? Think about it: rigs are designed to haul heavy cargo all over the country so why wouldn’t companies just switch to Duallies if they are better. Now, I’m sure someone out there actually has a good answer for me but until then consider me stumped. And, definitely watch the video because I didn’t believe it until I watched it twice.

Still, I wonder how the Dually would do against last week’s drift truck?

Drifting Truck

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Journalist Almost Gets Destroyed by Rally Car Crash

Rally Car Near Miss

Rally Car Crashes, Almost Takes Out Photographer

Rallies are pure adrenaline and the video in question shows how one photographer got more a bigger dose of it than he probably wanted. I trimmed down the video to just the “good part” (where he narrowly misses losing his head) because the full length video just shows a bunch of people standing around after the fact. Happy Hump Day!

Aventador vs. RS6 and a Race Crowd Lucky to Be Alive

Just saw this video @CarBuzz and am still amazed not only by the sheer speed and power of the Lamborghini Aventador and the Audi RS6 but by the sheer stupidity of the crowd. Truly, these people are lucky not to have lost their lives or an arm or two.

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Supra Breaks World Record

See A Tuned Supra Break a World Record and Hit 240 MPH!

We shared this video last week but wanted to share it again just because of the tremendous amount of press it has been getting and the waves its making in the enthusiast and race circuits. The Supra, driven by American Gary White, broke the 240 mph barrier and was built by the EKanooRacing Team. This feat set the GCC Super-Street ¼-mile record with a time of 6.05 seconds. Its speed crossing the line was 387 kilometers per hour or 240 mph—not too shabby if I say so myself.

So, what does this mean for us? Can we hpe to see a return of a production Supra anytime soon? Only time will tell but it seems good things are coming down the line,